DEMI MOORE (Songwriter) BIO

Born Demi Gene Guynes in Roswell New Mexico.
(pronounced "Dimmy-Jeen Gwhines" by her New Mexico family, she prefers: "deh-Mee")
Miss Guynes began using her then boyfriend Freddy's last name (Moore) as her stage name prior to their marriage in 1980.

Demi collaborated on 3 songs with her first husband.

Demi and Freddy began their exclusive relationship on August 23, 1979. They were divorced on August 6, 1985. see: Wedding Page
She married actor Bruce Willis shortly after her divorce and went on to become a highly paid, well known actress.  (Willis and Moore have since split, Demi has recently become Mrs. Ashton Kutcher)

Demi continues to receive royalty checks from her brief songwriting career (1980-1981).

Freddy and Demi Moore co-wrote the lyrics to:
It's Not A Rumour (available on 'House Combinations' by the Kat Club! General Records.)

Freddy and Demi Moore co-wrote the lyrics and music to:
Changing (available on 'los angelenos' by the Kat Club! General Records.)

Freddy and Demi Moore co-wrote the lyrics and music to:

Freddy and Demi Moore.

Freddy, Demi, Virginia and Robert Moore.

Freddy and Demi Moore on a TV Talk show September 3, 1982.

Freddy and Demi Moore with Susann Pratt at the
American Music Awards.

Freddy and Demi Moore
at the "Fridays" wrap party.

Freddy and Demi Moore with Tony Geary
at the "Fridays" wrap party.

Premier Magazine September 1995 . Demi Moore quoted on Freddy: 
"He was an amazing performer. But a very different person offstage than on. Like Clark Kent and Superman."

Audio Artifact:
Demi Demo Tapes

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