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Skogie & the Flaming Pachucos (v1)
Home Page (see An English Sky , Euphoria, Only In America, v2, v3, v4, v5, Skogie)

April 1970-September 1970

Hans Gasterland  -Drums, Silk-Screens (Euphoria, Only In America, v2, v3, v4)
Dick Rogers -Bass Guitar, Windwinds, Keyboard (Euphoria , Only In America, v2 )
Marc Partridge -Guitar, Vocal, Bass Guitar (Euphoria)
Mark Goldstein -Keyboard, Guitar (Euphoria , Only In America, v2, v3, v4, v5 )
Mark 'Wingo' Winger -Guitar, Vocals, Bass Guitar (An English Sky)
Rick 'Skogie' Moore - Vocal, Guitar, Keyboard (An English Sky, Only In America, v2v3v4v5)
Mike Milner-Trombone
Bob Guberud-Trumpet, Engineer
Westy Loegering-Electric Violin
Randy Swanson-?

Audio: Skogie & the Flaming Pachucos v1 - Live on Minnehaha Creek Live on Minnehaha Creek -1970
Audio: Skogie & the Flaming Pachucos v1 - Live at Dixchurch Live at Dixchurch -1970
Audio: Skogie & the Flaming Pachucos v1 - Miscellaneous Demo Tapes Miscellaneous Demo Tapes -1970 

The original configuration of the Pachucos:
Rogers, Partidge and Goldstein all from Edina and Gasterland from Richfield (westside), all four from the band "Euphoria".
Moore and Winger both from 'accross-the-tracks' in Richfield (eastside) and from the band "An English Sky". 

The recording project: ONLY IN AMERICA led to the formation of this band.

Everything took place at "THE EUPHORIUM"

Pachuco Boogie...inspiration?