Mark "Wingo" Winger Bio.

Mark Escher: Drums. Mark "Wingo" Winger: Guitar.

Mark "Wingo" Winger was a founding member of the late 1960s band: An English Sky , along with Mark Escher, Brad Weiss , Frederick Moore  and Tom Bates. Wingo played guitar sang, and composed songs.

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Prior to co-founding An English Sky , Wingo was in the band: The Rumers with Mark Escher , Brad Weiss and Tom Bates .

Wingo  wrote or co-wrote seven songs for the band An English Sky

1. Battle Of The Hub Frederick Moore-Mark Winger-Brad Weiss
2. Comin' Down From Cairo Frederick Moore-Mark Winger-Mark Escher
3. Cutie Frederick Moore-Mark Winger-Brad Weiss
4. Partly Cloudy Frederick Moore-Mark Winger-Brad Weiss
5. Pretend That You Love Me Frederick Moore-Mark Winger
6. Something's Wrong With My Head Mark Winger
7. Yesterday's Sadness Mark Winger-Frederick Moore

Wingo was also a founding member of Skogie and the Flaming Pachucos V1 .

Wingo played guitar, bass and sang lead vocals.

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Audio: Skogie & the Flaming Pachucos v1 - Live on Minnehaha CreekLive on Minnehaha Creek -1970
Audio: Skogie & the Flaming Pachucos v1 - Live at DixchurchLive at Dixchurch -1970

Wingo then went on to design and build one of the first stereophonic mixing consoles with quadrophonic monitoring and took it on the road with various incarnations of Skogie.


The Sixties

The Rumors...before An Engish Sky.
Foreground - Brad Weiss: Bass. Background - Mark Escher: Drums.
far right - Mark Winger: Guitar. Also pictured: Tom Bates: Guitar.

Wingo writing and arranging in Frederick Moore's 'Basement Studio'.
The Seventies
Engineering Wizard "Wingo Wigs Out!"

Wingo's self-designed multi-channel console
The New Millenium

Mirror Image: LtoR: Wingo, Kent Winger, Jeff Copeland .

Mirror Image:LtoR: Wingo, Kent Winger, Dean Pulsfut, Jeff Copeland
        Jill,         Mark,           Luke,           Lindsey
The Wingers 2008. Lindsey, Mark, Jill, Luke & Daviana.
Mark and Jill 2008
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